From time to time, I get asked, "Dan, do you ever interview anybody on this site or are you the only one who gets to talk?" To which I always reply, "Please shut up." But the real answer to that question is YES! I do let artists speak for themselves from time to time, and that's exactly what this post is-- an interview... with none other than THUNDERPUSSY'S LEAD GUITAR PLAYER, WHITNEY PETTY!!!



That's her flying into the air like the rock god she is.


Thunderpussy will be stopping here in Los Angeles to play at the El Rey with Black Pistol Fire on July 17, 2019. Whitney was kind enough to take a moment from her busy tour schedule to say hi and answer a couple of my silly little questions.

Before we get started, why don't you do yourself a favor and listen to some of Thunderpussy's music?



Now that your life is forever changed for the better, let me explain how this works-- BMM Talks are broken into three parts. I'm willing to bet that the pictures will help you decipher what the subject matter in each will be. If they don't, perhaps the fucking name of the Web site will. The writer's questions are in ITALICS and the artist's responses are in BOLD.




Hello WHITNEY PETTY! First off, what would be the best beer to enjoy while listening to THUNDERPUSSY?

We all know that free beer is the best beer.


Of course.

But I would say anything that gets you feeling loose enough to move your body while listening and watching!

I don't like to drink anything under 7 percent.



Thunderpussy formed in Seattle, WA. I know my readers-- all five of them-- are familiar with the delightful Fremont and the Selling-Out-to-Budweiser Elysian breweries up there in the Pacific Northwest, but are there any other brews they should be drinking from up there?

Yes! We just started getting to know a new brewery called FUTURE PRIMITIVE, based out of White Center. They actually have the ex-head brewer from Elysian.



For the record, just because they sold out, that doesn't mean Elysian didn't once (and possibly still do) brew great beers. Space Dust used to be my shit. 

We're hoping to partner with [Future Primitive] and create some Thunderpussy ales! We are loving their Glamour Boy extra pale ale right now!

Also, Georgetown Brewery has some excellent beers. Our favorite is the Bodhizafa IPA.


Dope! I for one, cannot wait to try both breweries as soon as humanly possible. Now, if THUNDERPUSSY was a beer, what kind of beer would they be and why?

Well, it would have to be classy, yet trashy-- just like us! Think malt liquor meets fine champagne...


Man, tell Future Primitive to get on that shit!




Have you seen any good movies lately? I haven't, but hopefully, you have...

Pretty much only able to watch Netflix right now. Have you seen Wine Country? So good.


I haven't yet, but probably only because they weren't drinking beer. I'll have to check it out, since you've recommended. Okay, so when they finally make that THUNDERPUSSY biopic, who's gonna star in it?

Oh, my god! All the badass ladies!!

Uma Thurman...


Rosario Dawson...


Penelope Cruz...



Jennifer Lawrence...



Anjelica Huston...



Susan Sarandon...


...and Jessica Lange.


Okay, that only sounds like the best cast ever assembled, so hot damn! I actually just bought a ticket. Is that even possible, you may ask? Yes, I gave somebody all my money and they wrote "THUNDERPUSSY BADASS LADIES, admit one" on a piece of paper, so boom!

Lightning Round! What is the best and worst movie you ever saw in a theatre? Go!

Best: I definitely saw Chicago in the theater, like, five times. I honestly can't remember a bad one. I probably blocked it.


Yeah, sometimes it's good to keep those painful memories tucked down deep inside and never think of them again... forevaaaaaaa



And finally, the third act: