6/8/18 Lil' Movie Reviews: UPGRADE & DEADPOOL 2




written by Dan Sinclair



Written & Directed by Leigh Whannell

Okay, so I only saw this film because of timing, really. Showed up about 10 minutes too late for SOLO, and had absolutely no interest in seeing BOOK CLUB (but with my Movie Pass dancing in my pocket) so UPGRADE it was. I had absolutely no expectations going into the the theatre with almost no idea whatsoever what this movie was even about, and maybe that’s why I enjoyed the fuck out of it!
You should probably go watch this film without hearing too much about it, too, but this is a movie review-- lil’ or not-- and so I have to say something. Okay, so I will say the following words: FUN, BLOOD, ACTION, SCIENCE FICTION, FUN, FIGHTING, HACKING, WEIRDOS, FUN, COMPUTER VOICES, GORE, FUN, FUN and, um, FUN! Oh, and one more: FUN.
UPGRADE is not a great movie, but it’s a fun-as-fuck one that accomplishes all the goals it set out to accomplish as a film, and split those goals wide open like some dude’s jaw--- OOPS! SPOILER ALERT!

Rating: B+





Directed by David Leitch

Written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wenick & Ryan Reynolds


Quite simply, DEADPOOL 2 was the best TERMINATOR movie since T2.

As far as DEADPOOL movies go, it places second, just as the number two in the title would have you believe, but honestly, it’s a pretty solid sequel for a huge, big-budget Marvel/Disney movie. It’s got all the rated-R stuff you loved in the first one and the jokes... Oh, let’s be honest. It’s ALL the same things you loved about the first one just done in a slightly different story (with basically all the same self-deprecating tropes, as well).
Nothing special, but I laughed a lot, so that’s always good. If you liked the first DEADPOOL, you’ll like this one, too. As will anyone looking for a better movie about time-traveling cyborgs than TERMINATOR 3, TERMINATOR SALVATION and TERMINATOR GENISYS... and THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES... probably. I never watched that shit.


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