LIL' MUSIC REVIEWS: The 2016 Albums That Were Released Before Beer.Movies.Music Was a Thing


The 2016 Albums That Were Released Before Beer.Movies.Music
Was a Thing Edition



The Life of Pablo

Roc-A-Fella, GOOD, Def Jam; February 14, 2016

Say what you will about Kanye West, but the man sure can produce the shit out of an album. While Kanye's seventh album doesn't break any new ground, it at the very least matches the quality level of what the artist has done before. Yeezus' ego seems to be his greatest weapon, and he wields it fiercely on tracks such as Taylor Swift's least favorite song "Famous" and the semi-self-aware/semi-hilarious "I Love Kanye." Since the bar has been raised pretty high, The Life of Pablo is not quite Kanye's best, the effort put into it can be heard on every layered, re-layered and layered-again track, and you have to admire that kind of love and dedication to one's work.

Beer.Movies.Music says... *** (aka 3 out of a possible 5 asterisks)


"The Famous" (I couldn't find an official, so I went with this Unofficial Official video)





The Family Tree: The Leaves

Nettwerk; March 25, 2016

It's been over eight years since Ben Cooper (aka Radical Face) embarked on his musical novel project known as The Family Tree, and here in The Leaves, fans will find the satisfying conclusion to the journey. Yes, Ben's songs can be sad (and/or depressing as fuck), but they also can be pretty goddamn beautiful, too, and that's how it goes once again from "Secrets (Cellar Door)" all the way to "Bad Blood." The man's a storyteller, who also happens to be blessed with a voice that would make anyone stop and listen. For added bonus, I also got to cover Radical Face do a live show, go read about that here.

Beer.Movies.Music says... ***1/2 (aka 3.5 out of a possible 5 asterisks)


"Secrets (Cellar Door)"





Merge; March 25, 2106

Even though Mr. Bachmann has previously released two albums under his given name, apparently this album spells the end for Crooked Fingers... and presumably Barry Black as well. And you know what? That's just fine, because as far as Beer.Movies.Music is concerned, Eric Bachmann is the very best music Eric Bachmann has made since his days with Archers of Loaf! Using the piano as the driving force backed with timely doo-wops, Bachmann spins brilliant melancholy songs that somehow make you feel good and want to sing along from start to finish. I can't recommend this album enough to not only Archers fans, but for true music fans everywhere. I know it's early, but I can't see this album NOT being on Beer.Movies.Music's Best of 2016 by the end of the year!


Beer.Movies.Music says... ****1/2 (aka 4.5 out of a possible 5 asterisks)







Kindness for Weakness

Stones Throw; May 6, 2016


Homeboy Sandman's sixth full length album Kindness for Weakness may just be the Queens rapper's deepest, most mature exploration of his own songwriting abilities, questioning everything in life from morality to his own securities to relationships with the opposite sex to spirituality and just about everything in-between. Yes, Homeboy's still got the sick flow spitting over the layered beats we'd expect, but what separates the Sandman from much of his mainstream contemporaries is his intelligence, vulnerability and attention to detail. So you might say his kindness is more of a strength... Shit. Okay, I promise I'll try to avoid ending with corny jokes in the future, but you should check this record out nonetheless.

Beer.Movies.Music says... **** (4 out of a possible 5 asterisks)


 Check out the ridiculous video for "Talking (Bleep)"

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